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The Heritage Values Network (H@V) is a networking project aimed at increasing the understanding of cultural values, valuation, interpretation, ethics and identity around all forms of cultural heritage (tangible, intangible and digital heritage). The term “Heritage values” is used and understood differently by practitioners, countries and various disciplines.

This networking project will work as a platform for initiating a European, cross-disciplinary dialogue between heritage practitioners, researchers and policy makers through interactive workshops. The participating organizations in the project are:

  • University College London,
  • Eindhoven University of Technology,
  • the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research,
  • Leiden University,
  • the University of Barcelona.

The workshops will take place in Eindhoven, Oslo and Barcelona. One of the projects main goals is to unite collaborators who will develop European research proposals under the Horizon 2020 framework after the completed of the H@V project.