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Associate Partners



Centre for Scientific Dialogue and Research

  • Country: Cyprus
    Representative: Dr Ioanna Hadjicosti (PhD in Classics)

The Centre promotes inter-disciplinary research and dissemination of research towards the Cypriot society. The Center has successfully submitted numerous bids and has completed successful projects for the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus and the European Parliament.

Institute of the Transbalkanic Cultural Cooperation

  • Country: Albania and Greece
    Representative: Mr Akis Tsonos

The Institute promotes educational and research collaborations between countries in the Balkan peninsula with an emphasis on archaeology and history.


Research Institute for Cultural Areas and Urban Space at Leuphana University of Lüneburg

  • Country: Germany
    Representative: Ms Anja Saretzki (Lecturer in Cultural Studies and World Heritage Tourism)

The Institute specialises in research related to built heritage, cultural geography and tourism studies.

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Tyréns AB

  • Country: Sweden
    Representative: MsHélène Svahn Garreau (Architectural conservator, heritage consultant)

Relevant projects undertaken:Assessment of cultural significance for Ledamotshuset ; the restoration of the STIM –house; of Duvbo school, Sundbyberg; of stuccoes at Gustaf Vasa church and interior decorations at Maria Magdalena church, Stockholm.




Association Artesis University College of Design Sciences & University Antwerp

  • Country: Belgium
    Representative: Prof. Maria Leus (Preservation and Conservation of Sites)

Current scientific research focuses on projects relating to the re-use and revalorization of monuments and sites.